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Product Id: JPCH140
Desc: 7-8 grad. bleach w/ atl. royal blue in the center

Product Id: #645
Desc: handcrafted wood, coco, shell, bone and many more just to mention a few. It may come in variety of colors and designs as preferred by the need and requirement of the customers

Product Id: JPPPS269A
Desc: Necklace 2rows in 2-3 coco heishe black & 2-3 coco beads bleach white & coco indian stick black w/ hammer shell heart pendant

US$ 3.80
US$ 17.30
US$ 18.80

Product Id: JEN680A
Desc: Endless necklace 44" in 4mm glass beads clear brown, 2-3 wood heishe bleach white & natural brown,7-8 wood pukalet natural brown & bleach white, 15mm coco pukalet natural brown, whitewood bone 8x20mm, stone chips clear brown, 20mm suitache cord brown

Product Id: JPSHC013
Desc: Hairclip made of paua & troca shell combination

Product Id: JER6106
Desc: Earings in 35mm capiz shell round

US$ 32.00
US$ 22.50
US$ 6.20

More Products

Product Id: JCD778A
Desc: Necklace in 1mm wacx cord black, 4-5mm coco pukalet black & red, 5x30mm metal curve tube round w/ slice & surfboard pendant 19x54mm yellow & red w/ chiness character painting

Product Id: JJB148
Desc: Nacre Pillbox 68x49x35mm made of semi-precious wood with assorted seashell in tarsier design w/ black back ground

Product Id: HLR600
Desc: 3 layers Capiz chips natural white in round design, 54 strand, 600 pcs. 50mm capiz chips, 25 inches base to bottom, head frame 8.5 inches diameter.

US$ 11.30
US$ 33.00
US$ 235.00

Product Id: JEN153
Desc: Endless necklace 37 inches in 1 mm wax cord dark brown, wood triangle 3 sides 23x50 mm robles-robles, palm wood triangle 3 sides 23x50mm and robles wood triangle 3 sides 23x50 mm.

Product Id: JSH5160
Desc: Necklace 17 inches in 2-3 mm coco beads super bleach with pink banana luanos.

Product Id: JCP14136
Desc: Necklace 18 inches in 8 mm coco pukalet green, black, yellow and red and buri tube 7-8 x 12 mm dyed violet.

US$ 70.50
US$ 12.30
US$ 10.10