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Product Id: JWB63
Desc: Laminated wood bangle saucer 1" w/ ipil-ipil inlay

Product Id: JNL412E
Desc: Necklace 16" w/ 4-5 whiteclam heishi white, pink, red & orange

Product Id: JPSW011
Desc: Coin Purse Fashion Jewelry , purely handcrafted and handmade from the finest shells

US$ 24.60
US$ 10.40
US$ 9.30

Product Id: JLU621
Desc: Lumbang kukui nut painted limegreen

Product Id: JMB66
Desc: Metal bangle w/ turq. blue triangular shape inlay

Product Id: JER6173
Desc: Earings in 25mm paua shell round

US$ 1.60
US$ 38.80
US$ 19.80

More Products

Product Id: JCD773E
Desc: Necklace in 1mm wax cord black, 8mm coco pukalet super bleach, 4-5mm coco pukalet black, meatl barrel w/ loop antq. silver & 19x54mm surfboard w/ painting pendant

Product Id: 50mm Butterfly Colored CapizLoose
Desc: Butterfly Colored Capiz Shell Loose 50mm diameter - 500pcs Butterfly Design Capiz Chips with one hole and delivered anywhere in the world.

Product Id: JHB1420
Desc: Clutch bag in rectangle shape 20cmx7.5cmx5.5cm made of blacktab shell brickley design with butterfly design in assorted shells.

US$ 11.30
US$ 302.90
US$ 490.00

Product Id: JSH1510
Desc: Necklace 16 inches in 8 mm coco pukalet super bleach, 10 mm and 12 mm wood beads bleach white, 2 mm glass beads inside silver clear white, 4-5 mm coco pukalet super bleach, wood triangle 3 sides 23x50 mm super bleach and troca shell saucer 26x35 mm.

Product Id: JSH166
Desc: Necklace 17 inches in white rose stone wash fuchsia.

Product Id: JCP14146B
Desc: Necklace 19 inches 5 rows in 10 mm coco disc center side drill bleach white, natural brown and natural white.

US$ 37.10
US$ 14.10
US$ 59.30