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Product Id: JPB449
Desc: cut sigay bracelet

Product Id: JBG62A
Desc: Native bag made of raffia black & coco ring nat. brown w/ whitewood bag handle dyed black (L15"xH8.5"xW4")

Product Id: JPPS006
Desc: 16" 10mm puka white necklace ( grinded - rusty )

US$ 2.20
US$ 75.00
US$ 7.60

Product Id: JMS622
Desc: Necklace 28" in cream satin ribbon, bubble shell,mongo shell white & yellow,lumbang seed tiger

Product Id: JLU622
Desc: Lumbang kukui nut painted dark limegreen

Product Id: JLG511D
Desc: Necklace (19 seeds) in cream satin ribbon w/ lumbang seed violet

US$ 14.10
US$ 0.60
US$ 19.40

More Products

Product Id: JER6168
Desc: Earring with feather pendant

Product Id: JPL075
Desc: camel brown leather n-lace w/ 45mm orange capiz w/ stonelook design

Product Id: JCD774B
Desc: Necklace in 1mm wax cord black, 4-5mm coco pukalet black, limegreen, mango yellow & red & surfboard pendant 19x54mm w/ leaf painting

US$ 2.50
US$ 6.00
US$ 4.60

Product Id: JPCN350
Desc: Chocker cord necklace in light Blue w/ 4 pcs. DyeD oBlong hammershell in green & 50mm DyeD Mop in green

Product Id: TLR444
Desc: 3 layers Capiz chips natural white, blue and light blue round shape, 54 strands, 444 pcs. 50mm capiz chips with electric fitting. 24 inches from top to bottom, 18 inches top to end of the capiz chips/strand head frame 8.5inches diameter.

Product Id: JHB1324
Desc: Evening clutch bag in rectangle shape 15cm x 9.5cm x 4.5cm made of MOP shell & black tab shell blocking inlaid.

US$ 11.70
US$ 320.00
US$ 240.00